Register of a new partner to the Gem4me project| Video instruction + text + photo

Register of a new partner to the Gem4me project| Video instruction + text + photo

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You will read the instructions «how to register a new partner /referral / investor to the Gem4me project» in this article . And also you can watch a short video instruction for 7 minutes “How to register a new partner in the Gem4me project. Instruction» below


Check in the office for the direction of the next registration in your genialogy. Go to your BC (business center), section Team, subsection of the Genealogy and check in the binary tree where the next registration will go: left or right leg.

Since the company manages the binary, in my opinion, you are very lucky! After all, you can strengthen your leaders at any depth (if you come for serious money and build your business). That is why Gem4me’s money marketing and managed binary here partners get quick financial results and close career steps.

And now let’s go on to the registration instructions)

Here is a brief instruction in text form, 3 options

How to register a new referral to the project Gem4me. Option №1

  • Visit the company’s website
  • Go to the «Business Center»
  • Enter your login and password to enter Gem4me and ENTER or a red button tidy

If suddenly you forgot your password, then click “Forgot password” below and you will receive a new password to enter your e-mail or SMS message generated by the technical support of Gem4me

Further in the office on the main page you see opposite the phrase “Your referral link” — COPY in red letters. Click on the word «Copy» and your referral link will instantly copy to the clipboard. Your task is to transfer it in any way to your new partner or referral.

How to register a new partner to the project Gem4me. Option №2

On the website , go to the “Business Center” item and click “Register” below the login form

  • Further, the standard registration form (watch screenshots below ). In this case, you will have to write your login manually. Be careful not to make mistakes!

How to register a new investor to the Gem4me project . Option №3

Each partner who bought any of the investment packages has a personal selling landing page from the Gem4me company (“landing page” is a landing page on the Internet that gives short information about a product, service or product with a registration form).

The address of your landing page is https: // — insert your login instead of “Your Login” and get your selling business page, which also attracts potential investors to the project.

What this selling site looks like: here is an example of my landing page (my pronto777 login) Follow the link and see how informative and colorful it is, and the information about the project is outlined briefly and concisely and without water (which is I love it very much) It also has 3 buttons for registration and there is a transition to the investment site, where a partner / investor purchases any pack (packs) that he can afford.

It is important that this site helps you make sales up to 80 percent automatic! Anyone who has experience of promotion through the Internet will appreciate it))) As you understand, it is extremely difficult and not entirely effective to fully automate the promotion through the Internet. Therefore, it is important to use high-performance tools to promote your business.

And now how to fill in the form for registration of a new partner / referral / investor Gem4me:

As you can see, the registration form is simple: you need to enter a login (which the novice himself comes up with), mail, Name and Surname (better as written in the passport), selects the country and city of registration (not residence), indicates the phone number (without country code). Further, the person who is registered, comes up with an access password and a password for financial transactions (financial password) — from 6 characters it is necessary to have passwords

I recommend making a financial password more difficult, and an input password more simple. Because all financial transactions in your personal account are possible only when using a financial password and a one-time password that you will receive as an SMS on a mobile phone. Therefore, it is important that the phone number is correct when registering.

In any case, you can always contact the technical support of Gem4me company and change your data or edit it

Next, I insert another instruction in the video format:

How to register a new partner in the project Gem4me

Video instruction (turn on subtitles, please)

I hope this article was helpful to you)

In any case, write feedback in the comments, please. Also ask any questions on item «How to register a new partner in the project Gem4me» below, I will answer all your questions

Sincerely, the investor and information partner of the Gem4me project, Olga Bobonets

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