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The booklet consists of 10 pages — Topics.
1 page — description of the project and the essence of the investment proposal
2 page — description of the holding and legal scheme
3 page — central office, founders of the holding, services as part of Gem4me
4-5 pages — project partners
6 page — the goal of the company
7 page — the company’s mission
8 page — description and monetization of services
9 page — calculation of projected profit, business packages
10 page — Gem4me affiliate program

About Gem4me company

Gem4me — this is a global revolutionary high-tech project. The name in Russian means “jewel for me”. Full name of the project — Gem4me Holdings Ltd, Malta. This is a European holding company, which includes several international companies.

The process of creating Gem4me Holdings Ltd  began in 2014 and took four years. The best international experts and professionals from various areas of business participated in the development and development of the structure of the Holding, its financial and marketing plan. The project was actively developing on the basis of private investment, and as of October 2018, $ 35 million was invested in it. During this period, the project has been audited and evaluated three times.  In June 2018, the cost of Gem4me Holdings Ltd, according to the expert assessment of the independent audit company Sia “Doma Audits” (, amounted to $ 157 million. For 4 years, the cost of business has grown 5 times! In 2019, it is planned to invest $ 100 million in the promotion of this global project. At the time of sale, the estimated cost of Gem4me Holdings Ltd should be 12 billion dollars.

The price range of Gem4me Holdings Ltd shares is: from the nominal value of 30 euros to the projected 3,000 euros. Currently, shares of Gem4me Holdings Ltd can be purchased at a price of 40-70 euros depending on the date of purchase.

International companies in the holding Gem4me:

  • E-Investment Holdings, Switzerland — project developers and administration.
  • Gem4me Holdings Ltd, Malta — it is the main company that owns intellectual rights to the messenger and customer base (
  • Gem4me Investments Plc, Malta — investment fund
  • Gem4me Market Space, Malta  — it is a company that owns intellectual property rights on the marketplace Gem4me Market Space
  • Gem4me Custodian Services Ltd, Marshall Islands — project investors.


Each of these companies presents to the world its own products and solutions for working in international markets. The activity of Gem4me is confirmed by international directives of the European Union, is carried out on a legal basis and is allowed in the United States, Europe, Asia, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and other countries.

More details:

The company headquartered is  in Malta. Since 2004, Malta has been the part of the European Union. The project is financed through Gem4me Investments Plc — a private investment fund that operates in accordance with European legislation AIFMD (Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive). The fund was established as an open ended public company (open ended public limited liability company). Legal and financial transparency of the work of Gem4me Investments Plc is provided by the legal framework of the European Union, operating in Malta.

Malta has a tax system and an extensive network of double tax treaties. Mandatory full annual audit of financial activities. Gem4me Holdings Ltd has several operations centers around the world, including the USA, Europe and Southeast Asia. To speed up negotiations with potential buyers, appraisals are regularly conducted by independent auditing companies.

Founders of the Holding — are business professionals, rich and successful investors who have created their capital in the international securities and e-commerce markets. Experienced attorneys from the USA and Asia are participating in the Gem4me project

Services as part of Gem4me:

Gem4me Partners:




UCT World Corporation, Premier Partner Google

UniCredit Bank




Among the partners of Gem4me Holdings Ltd are the largest developers (clients of which are: the US Department of Defense, NASA, CISCO, the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Russia, the State Customs Committee, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Belarus and Azerbaijan, the Moscow and Minsk metros, IBM, Yandex, Viber, Playtika, etc. ), financial institutions (the largest banks of the European Union: Switzerland, Italy), brokers on the world’s leading crypto-currency exchanges.

The key partner and the main developer of the messenger Gem4me, marketplace Gem4me Market Space and chatbot platforms — Synesis, Minsk. A world-class developer who has created billions of projects is the key to rapid development and the most modern solutions in the field of mobile applications.

All Gem4me equipment is located in Germany (in the best Data Center in Europe) and in Belarus (in the High-Tech Park (Minsk), where companies such as Viber, Platika, etc. were created). The systems are connected to wide satellite and optical channels and equipped with the most modern means of protection and security.

The purpose of the Holding —  is to provide an opportunity for any person to increase their incomes on the IT-technology market, as well as:

a) to complete the development of the Gem4me messenger and the Gem4me Market Space global trading and financial platform,

b) to increase the user base to hundreds of millions of people,

c) to sell successful applications of a large company or concern,

d) to share all funds received between shareholders.

The mission of the Holding is to provide an opportunity for everyone on the globe to take part in shaping the international market for goods and services (the global trading and financial platform Gem4me Market Space), sold through a “smart” messenger, and get access to the four most promising and monetary niches of the modern economy: e-commerce, cryptocurrency market, venture investment and multi-level referral rewards system with growing active and passive income

  1. E-commerce. Quick start your own Internet business on the Gem4me Market Space platform or transfer your local business to the platform, personal public, personal marketplace, online trading, bots, smart wallet (SMART Wallet), a crypto exchanger, advertising platform, unique innovative tools for advertising business from Google and Yandex, the system of artificial intelligence BiNeuro.
  1. Cryptocurrency market for trade and investment. Direct real-time access to various world cryptobirds. Trading cryptocurrency on trading signals from AI-bot. Artificial Intelligence (AI) — artificial intelligence. Full automation of copying and application of crypto signals on the client’s exchange account.
  1. Crowdinvesting (shares of the company at a price of 40-70 euros with the prospect of growth of their value up to 3000 euros).
  1. A multi-level referral reward system that allows you to create your own active (more than 10 sources) and constantly increasing passive income.

The idea of the company is to create conditions for every person on the planet to instantly start their own international Internet business:

Gem4me holding put into practice the revolutionary idea of creating and placing the Gem4me ecosystem on the premium messenger platform and combining all the Internet services and services necessary for the convenience of users and business owners: Gem4me messenger, Gem4me Market Space and Smart Wallet.

Gem4me Market Space offers all the necessary tools and services for creating and running your own Internet business on the blockchain platform for both beginners and professionals.

Smart Wallet allows you to make any transactions and financial operations with a minimum commission, in any quantity and volume, which are carried out at lightning speed through a universal crypto-fiat payment system.

The company has developed a detailed plan for monetization of the platform Gem4me Market Space. Some services are already monetized and generate income. One of the most promising areas of monetization of the global trading platform Gem4me Market Space is advertising:

  • Google Ads ad revenue after calls and chat list. Example: Gem4me, Viber
  • Revenue from advertising placed in a separate section by large advertisers (Discover). Example: Snapchat.
  • Revenue from advertising placed in information chat rooms. Example: Telegram.

You can become a co-owner of the company (ownership of shares is confirmed by the shareholder’s entry into the Shareholder Register) by investing in the creation and promotion of the Gem4me mobile application. To do this, you need to purchase one or more Business Packs of your choice. Each package includes a certain number of ownership shares (stocks).

The calculation of the projected profit when selling shares of Gem4me Holdings Ltd:


Gem4me business packages are distributed on the basis of the most advanced promotion system today — a multi-level referral reward system. The participant of the multi-level referral reward system gets access to several types of income (personal and team bonuses, leadership bonus), participates in the company’s career plan and travel program.

Rewards are paid in cash equivalent (in euros), as well as in the form of shares of the company. You can earn today and at the same time increase your investment capital without additional investments.

All necessary materials and business tools (access to the Partner’s Business Center, personal landing page, etc.), free training, the opportunity to participate in conferences and presentations from top leaders of the company, participation in corporate events, as well as support in building are provided business.

You can familiarize yourself with the pack options by following this link, register for free with the project, choose a pack for starting and pay for it in a way that is convenient for you. Or click right now on the button below:

For advice on choosing a business package and further instructions please contact me in any way convenient for you, or sign up for a free consultation by clicking the button below:

My contacts:

+380632739033 Gem4me, Viber, Telegram, WhatsApp

Sincerely, Olga Bobonets!

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