Automatic Bitcoin acceptance of the Gem4me Business Center and reward payments in Bitcoins

Automatic Bitcoin acceptance of the Gem4me Business Center and reward payments in Bitcoins

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Due to the sweeping growth of our international team we started having partners in different countries, countries in which Bitcoin payments are just as popular as regular monetary payments.  As you may know, after numerous requests from our leaders and partners, we added the option of paying for the packages with Bitcoins.

It has been implemented automatic Bitcoin acceptance for fast and convenient Bitcoin payments in the back office Gem4me. In addition, we have also introduced the option of an automatic withdrawal of your earned funds to your Bitcoin wallet directly.

Please familiarize yourself with the detailed instructions on: “How to pay an investment pack in Bitcoins” and “Withdrawal of funds from a personal account in Bitcoins” — in video, text and photo format

“How to pay packs in Bitcoins in the investment fund GEM4ME INVESTMENTS PLC”

Bitcoin payments are made from your Bitcoin-wallet. In order to make a payment it is necessary to:

  • Click «Business Center»
  • Log in with your username
  • In the business center, select the section «Finances» — «Add funds»
  • Next, enter the required amount to replenish the personal account and select «Payment method» — Bitcoin wallet
  • Read the Public Agreement and click «I Agree»
  • Next, refill the bitcoin wallet specified in the company details, or scan the QR code
  • Important: in the description of the transfer specify the order number
  • After refilling the personal account in the office on the «Main» click «Company store — Proceed to the link » Or here’s a direct link
  • For authorization on the site of the investment fund, click the blue arrow
  • Next, log in to the investment fund website — enter the login and password to log in
  • Select the item «Invest»
  • Select the required pack (in our case — Package Invest worth 3240 euros). Click «Purchase»
  • Next, go to the «Basket». Here we press the button «Pay»
  • Choose a payment method — «Payment from the Gem4me personal account»
  • We are again displayed a Public Agreement, click «I agree»
  • We confirm the purchase by entering your financial password and «Submit»
  • After making a payment in the «Shareholder’s Cabinet» — «Purchases» section, you will see a list of purchased packages with a date. Also here you can download and fill out your personal agreement for the purchase of shares of Gem4me Investments PLC through the custodian GEM4ME CUSTODIAN SERVICES LTD

IMPORTANT DETAIL: be surefull then you authorize in your account. In case of any errors or clarification of details, write a ticket to Gem4me technical support

I offer you a short video instruction (9 minutes) «Payment for packs Gem4me — Bitcoin wallet»
(turn on subtitles, please)

And now a brief instruction «Withdrawing funds from a personal account in Bitcoins» — in the format of video, photo and text

The Gem4me Business Center has implemented the ability to automatically withdraw money earned to your Bitcoin wallet

  • In order to cash out the checks earned through the partnership program, you need to log in to the company’s website (in the Menu select «Business Center»)
  • Further in the section Finance choose Withdrawal
  • Click «Application for withdrawal of money»
  • Fill out the form below: enter the withdrawal amount, Bitcoin wallet (where we withdraw money), enter the financial password and one-time code that will come to the phone number in the form of SMS

IMPORTANT: Enter your Bitcoin wallet address carefully! Withdrawal is carried out on working days (except Saturdays and Sundays) and lasts up to 3 days. In any case, according to the rules of the company, withdrawal to a bitcoin wallet is up to 7 seven working days (for reinsurance)

I also offer you a short video instruction on how to withdraw money from the Gem4me account
(turn on subtitles, please)

Here is a video report, as after 3 days (or more precisely 2.5), the money has already been withdrawn to Blockchain Bitcoin Wallet (turn on subtitles, please)

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In any case, write feedback in the comments, please. Also ask any questions on item «How to register a new partner in the project Gem4me» below, I will answer all your questions

Sincerely, the investor and information partner of the Gem4me project, Olga Bobonets

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